Successful Reintegration Into Society

The goal of a successful drug rehab program is not only to help an individual understand why they use drugs and why their life will be better without drugs, but also to offer the individual the necessary tools to continue to remain drug-free once they have completed the rehab program and have re-entered into society.

Tips for Successful Re-integration into Society

1. Avoid hanging out with former friends who continue to do drugs. This is crucial and very difficult simply because very often former addicts will no longer have any other friends. This can be a lonely period for many recovering addicts. At times they feel so alone, they are tempted to start taking drugs again to ease the pain. Be assured that this stage shall pass and rely on the support of family, friends (who were not a part of your former life), counselors, therapists, priests or pastors, and anyone else you may need to get you through this early period of re-integration.

2. Avoid attending situations or events where drugs or alcohol will be available. If you have no access to drugs you will not be tempted by their proximity.

3. Learn other behaviors and methods of coping with stress and/or depression or certain emotions that tend to overwhelm you and lead you back to drugs. Try yoga, meditation, exercise, writing in journals, art classes or explore other interests that appeal to you.

4. Keep busy. Set goals for yourself and pursue them actively. This could be anything from going back to school to planning a trip around the world. Give yourself something great and exciting to focus on.

5. Finally, continue to attend therapy sessions and group meetings such as AA or NA on a regular basis for as long as necessary. This could be forever and there is nothing wrong with that.

Treat yourself with kindness and dignity and respect. Be proud of yourself. List your accomplishments and most importantly, if you should relapse, don’t start the cycle all over again by beating yourself up. Quickly, get back on track. You can do it!