Tips On Staying Sober

One of the most important tips on remaining sober after completing any rehabilitation program is to maintain a strong network of support. Support can come from family, friends, therapists, drug counselors, other recovering addicts or any combination thereof. Not to be underestimated, an addict’s knowledge that there are people supporting his or her decision to live a drug-free life is worth more than its weight in gold. Without such support, many addicts can easily fall back into their old habits from a feeling that they are struggling and suffering with their addiction alone. But while a strong sense of support is key to a life of sobriety, there are other tips to remember as well, including:

  • Avoid hanging around with former friends who continue to take drugs.
  • Avoid situations and events where you know drugs or alcohol will be available.
  • Be prepared and learn how to deal with stressors in a productive manner that does not include drugs.
  • Try to keep your free time occupied with productive activities.
  • Continue attending individual and group therapy sessions such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous on a regular basis.
  • Volunteer your time at a drug rehabilitation centre to share your experiences with other recovering addicts.